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Updated: Jun 10, 2021


Our homes have become even more important to us this past year and many of us have sought a connection to our natural environment. Our love of nature seems to have been strengthened for many during lockdown.

This love of the natural world is showing in our homes and how we choose to decorate. By bringing in natural botanical patterns and textures of wood, jute and rattan, greens and warm based neutral colours and decorating with house plants, we can help surround ourselves in the healing power of nature in our homes.

The concept of Biophilia was first introduced in the 1980s, in its simplest forms it means humans connection to nature, not only just in order to survive but to thrive!


Research has shown that giving people a view where they can see grass and trees helps them to recover more quickly in hospital, perform better in school or workplace and display less aggressive behaviour.

Image @ House Of Hackney

Research has also shown that even just looking at pictures of natural scenes can improve our wellbeing. Clinical trials suggest that showing patients images of nature in hospital waiting rooms, decreases levels of anxiety and stress.

An interior filled with plants has multiple benefits. Alongside their potential use as air filters, using plants and flowers as décor has a powerful effect on mood. They make us feel happier, boost wellbeing, creativity and productivity.

Image @ Dezeen - Maggie's Centre


In a finished decorated room there can often feel like there is something missing, plants help to bring in a natural element to a room, which makes the room come to life and can be the missing piece of the puzzle!

Plants can liven up an empty corner of a room, add a welcome touch to a hallway and soften all the hard lines in a bathroom. If floor space is at a premium try hanging houseplants from the ceiling or using wall mounted planters.

Images @ Happy Houseplants

If you're worried that your green fingers aren't quite up to it, the lovely people at Happy Houseplants recommend their top choices for easy care houseplants:









Green has been a popular colour over lockdown as we've sought to bring the outside into our homes. Sales of Green paint were up 32% at B&Q last year and brands across the board are reporting strong demand for Greens. As we ease out of lockdown, I don't believe it's a passing trend, I think we will continue to find comfort in the soothing colours of nature.

Here are a few of my top Green paint choices:


Calke Green, Farrow & Ball

Edward Bulmer, Invisible Green Image @ Annalise.at.number.9

Brompton Road, Mylands


Botanical inspired wallpapers are also a great way to add in a natural element to your home. Here are a few of my favourites:

You could also make a statement with a wall mural. This Greenhouse inspired mural would look stunning in a kitchen extension adding depth and botanical interest without the cost of installing a window or living wall!

Greenhouse Mural by Mr Perswall

So, if you're planning to redecorate your home, you can't go wrong by turning to nature for some inspiration.

Thank you taking the time to read this, hope it's helpful!

Gemma xx

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